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Still Alive But Barely Breathing

Still Alive But Barely Breathing

Imagine this: you’re walking up the main walkway, when suddenly, someone starts waving in your face with such vigour that you just have to stop. What could this person possibly want? Sure enough, they shove a bag of free lollies in your lap. There are milky ways, fruit roll ups and all kinds of hellish stuff in there.

What can you do at this point? You can hardly give it back. They’ve already moved on to the next person and you’re stuck with this bag of temptation that you push deep into your bag and try to forget.But you have morning classes, you tell yourself, you deserve a chocolate. You eat one, then another.

More obstacles start appearing in front of you. The smell of sausages, the sizzling sound, the promise of free food, and a short line. It would be stupid not to take such an opportunity. Forget about the diet, the universe has put this food in front of you for a reason. A few minutes later you walk off with a free piece of bread and a sausage, unfortunately, they only remind your stomach of how hungry it is.

There are places to eat everywhere in uni. By this point, you may be in Quad, or in Mathews. You may be walking along Anzac parade and able to spot the yellow M of Macca’s. Food surrounds you. Some of it is even affordable.

You have an assignment coming up, you’ve been running up and down the baser steps, you deserve to have lunch. Those people on diet websites don’t know what you’re going through.So you eat your food. (and the rest of the lollies for dessert. Your brain needs sugar to function!)

You go home, you think you got away from all the temptations uni life throws at you.Maybe you work a little. Maybe you procrastinate a lot. Soon enough though, your stomach demands your attention again.

You’ve been working, how could you possibly cook dinner as well? There is a box of instant noodles which can be ready in two minutes. It feels so right to eat it. It feels so very right.

We all face struggles in life. Some are easy to overcome. Some, however, are impossible to face. We like to address the big issues. None of which is heartbreaking as trying to lose weight while you’re at university.

For any of you suffering out there, you’re not alone. The struggle is real. Hang in there. You will get through this.



About Shima Golmohamadi

Shima is studying Creative Writing and Psychology. In her professional opinion, It's extremely strange to write about oneself in third person. When she isn't writing stories, she is eating or sleeping, or she is anticipating the time when she can write, eat or sleep.

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