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Soundtrack To: Uni life

Soundtrack To: Uni life

It’s week one and uni has just started. You’re making a name for yourself – blending in or standing out, working hard or working out. Whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, Blitz has the soundtrack to your uni life.


Perfect for those with swagger.
Walk through uni knowing that U-RITE. Ensure your steps are in a perpetual groove and all the gals/bois are checking you out. Live that Beyoncé music video vibe, strut your stuff, nothing will ever stop you ‘cause you’re in the zone.

Kingdom by NAATIONS

Perfect for pop lovers.
Feel like you have no less than one thousand followers on Instagram. Exude the persona of a rare breed, either a mixture of Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid, or Zayn Malik and Adam Brody. Rule your kingdom of uni and remember that everyone else are merely undesirable peasants.

Jungle by Tash Sultana

Perfect for those who are always chill.
Relax to this combination of smooth sounds and sweet vocals, like milk and honey trickling through the jungle. Spend your breaks napping on the library lawn, and frolic along Coogee beach to this tune.

Class Historian by BRONCHO

Perfect for those on acing academic life.
Skip to class and flip the pages of your textbook to this beat. You’ll never be a minute late. In fact, you’ll be 10 minutes early, you keen bean. You’ll ace every course you take this semester and rake in dem HD’s with this on repeat.

Electrify by GRMM feat. Father Dude

Perfect for those who work hard and play harder.
Despite the drops in this song, your perseverance never drops. Eat, study, party, sleep and repeat, is made possible whenever this plays. Failure is not an option. Everyone will secretly hate but love you.




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