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Review: Tove Lo ft. Tigertown

Review: Tove Lo ft. Tigertown


Nothing says indie electro pop rock quite like mismatched outfits from a range of eras. These modern times allow amazing groups like Tigertown to exist and find their very own genre. Think female drummer, shiny jackets, full moon glasses, tucked in shirts, untucked knee length tops, shiny vinyl white pants, all wearing matching white converse/boat shoes. Tigertown is all of this and more, they have that box-ticking quality about them, outfits, diversity, hipster-ness and of course a beautiful sound.

Tigertown by @princebandroom on Instagram

Tove Lo

In three words, Tove Lo is energy, sex and Swedish. If your knowledge of Lo is only from Triple J, buckle in and prepare to have your socks blown off. The indie synth-pop sound that the J’s have made so popular has been converted from live acoustic instruments into electro grunge rock.

The change worked so well with Lo’s dynamic and athletic movements, jumping up, lying down, and rolling around, over the entire stage. She is an artist that puts the ‘show’ back into live show and creates a spectacle with every part of her body.

Tove Lo by @yayastemp on Instagram

And what a spectacle it was, move over Khia, we have a new hottie in town. If the lyrics in “Lady Wood” weren’t enough to convince you that Tove Lo is an 18+ artist, her ‘cover the eyes of your children’ dance moves definitely will. The tongue in cheek popped cherry on top logo, a blatant lady part masquerading as a semi-religious symbol further oozes the bands sex appeal.

Tove Lo and her band also kept true to the indie fashion, wearing an eclectic mix of outfits from different ages. Lo rocked out in some skimpy sports clothes and clad with a retro NASCAR jacket sponsored by cornflakes.

Tove Lo and her band should be added to the list with Skarsgårds, Absolute vodka, and IKEA, all greats from Sweden.

Tove Lo by @dennis_le on Instagram



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