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Review: All Time Low @ Horden Pavillion

Last week, on the 13th May, I had the chance to attend All Time Low’s Sydney show as part of their Australian Tour with Neck Deep and The Maine, in the promotion of their upcoming album, Last Young Renegade. A night full of nostalgia and banter, All Time Low brought the good tunes and good times.

It’s a Saturday night, and Sydney’s Horden Pavillion is buzzing with nervous, excited energy. After strong sets from The Maine and Neck Deep, fans of all ages are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their favourite band, All Time Low. For some, this is their first show; anxious teens jumping up and down with energy as their parents sit in the stands, and for others, it is the second, third, or even fourth time seeing the band live.

Personally, All Time Low were one of the first bands I started listening to as a young teen, almost 10 years ago. For older fans, like me, this night is a major nostalgia trip – which kicks off almost instantly as the band graces the stage and opens with their 2009 hit, ‘Weightless’.

With passionate sing-alongs and plenty of crowd chanting underway, lead singer and guitarist, Alex Gaskarth, exclaims, “this is the most amount of people we’ve played to on a headline tour in Australia”, almost as if they cannot believe they are playing to 5,000 Sydney-siders. Guitarist Jack Barakat echoes this statement, going as far to say that this crowd is the best crowd they have ever played to in Australia.

Complemented by atmospheric blue and purple lights, the band plays various tracks from their impressive 14-year catalogue. At one moment during ‘Kids in the Dark’, the security guards join in on the fun and start their own five-person dance party in the photo pit.  As the show progresses, the band’s new, mature tracks (Life of the Party, Dirty Laundry & Last Young Renegade), are contrasted against their older pop punk history. No strangers to the stage, however, Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat have great onstage chemistry and know exactly what to say and when to say it, sending their young fans into a screaming frenzy.

Perhaps one of the more unexpected but impressive performances of the night was the band’s alt-rock rendition of Lorde’s ‘Green Light’. Atmospheric guitars were nicely complemented by Zack Merrick’s smooth bass lines and Rian Dawson’s punchy drums. Following this, All Time Low leave the stage, only to come back moments later for an encore, encouraged by eager fans chanting the band’s name.

Emerging from the side stage, Alex takes the mic to thank the crowd, saying, “we started this band in high school when we were 15-16 years old. It’s incredible that we get to keep doing this….this room is a family. You are safe, you are accepted and you are loved”. Closing off the night by playing three of their most popular tracks – ‘Lost in Stereo’, ‘Jasey Rae’, and most notably, ‘Dear Maria. Count Me In’, the crowd explodes with excitement, dancing and singing the whole way through.

Overall, All Time Low prove that despite a 14 year-long career, they are far from done. With their seventh studio album, Last Young Renegade, out on June 2nd, lets hope they return to our shores very soon.

Check out our interview with Alex Gaskarth here:



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