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Review: New Venusians

The unique tunes of New Venusians captures their listeners with their passion and raw talent. The seven-piece band first rose to fame with their breakout track Keep Running and were signed by the American label Fresh Selects. As a part of their album launch tour, the New Venusians recently performed their self-titled debut album at the Imperial Hotel.

The venue was filled with numerous family members, friends and fans who greeted the band with loud cheers and applause as they appeared onstage. They maintained an energetic atmosphere throughout the night; especially when Keep Running was performed. The strong rhythm of the song drove the audience to dance and immerse themselves into the beat of the music.

All the songs from their album are noticeably different compared to the majority of songs released these days. Unlike popular songs, each song from their album is distinctive without a patterned predictability. A memorable moment of the night was when the lush synth sounds of I Wanna created a nostalgic and loving mood. Noticeably some couples in the room danced together whilst sharing a special moment as the smooth vocal harmonies of New Venusians filled the room.

Their enchanting songs and lovely personalities were complemented by the soft pink and blue lighting and comfortable vibe of the venue. The strong friendships between the band were clearly evident and induced a sense of collectiveness in the room through their music. A highlight of their onstage presence how immersed the band was in their music. Their casual swaying as they performed illustrated their passion and was highlighted by the hip hop and jazz undertones of their songs. By the end of the night, the audience had either bopped or grooved to their music.

If you are ever in the mood to discover new music then New Venusians are a band that you should definitely check out.

Photos: Trudi Gultom



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