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Review: Break The Code Escape Room

Review: Break The Code Escape Room

Six people. Sixty minutes. No phones. Locked in a room, with one task: to ESCAPE!

The Blitz Team were challenged by Break The Code, to escape from their Indiana Jones escape room. We’re all really competitive and so accepting the challenge was a no-brainer.

The first challenge we faced was actually locating the place. Tucked away in a small alley down George Street, the place is easy to miss. Perhaps positioning themselves in such a location was all part of their strategy, to deem whether or not we were worthy enough of experiencing the escape room.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the friendly staff, who confirmed that locating Break The Code was in fact our first challenge. We were briefed before embarking on our journey to the secret chamber in the Indiana Jones themed room, one of the five different rooms available.

We were given a walkie-talkie, our only source of contact with the outside world, blindfolded, and then lead into a room. Our jokes masked the sound of our hearts beating faster, our palms slowly becoming sweaty, and nerves kicking in. What had we gotten ourselves into? What were we thinking? Being blindfolded and locked in a room? In the name of fun? This could make or break our team. Anything could happen in these 60 minutes. Would we even escape? Not everyone does. We had to escape. We had to escape.

The door locked behind us and the clock started. We ripped off our blindfolds and immediately started hunting for clues. We knocked on walls for trap doors and secret exits, we picked everything up, moved everything around (because anything could be a clue), and searched high and low for an escape. The mind-boggling puzzles and thrilling challenges ensured we forgot the box entirely, and thought outside the circle. The tasks at hand required not only our brains and skill-set but also all twelve of our hands!

The room was well themed, except for the electronic keypads and buttons that most probably didn’t exist in ancient Mayan times. Regardless, the minor thematic inaccuracies didn’t deter us from enjoying the culmination of a detective-esque, mysterious action packed, live video game style adventure. Sprawled across the floor at times, on the verge of almost giving up, we powered through as our competitive adrenaline kicked in. We stumbled across many surprises and epiphanies, worked together, and eventually managed to escape with about 10 minutes to spare.

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