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Real life costumes scarier than any Halloween costume

Real Life Costumes Scarier Than Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here and sometimes real life is so much more scarier than any Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen.

Exhausted student walking into a 9am class

Ever arrive at your lecture, choose a seat and then get startled by the ghost-like creature that just walked past? An exhausted student walking into a compulsory 9am lecture is terrifying. You know the look – messy bed hair, dark purple eye bags, crinkled clothes (possibly their pyjamas) and holding a cup of coffee that probably won’t do them any good. A dejected and utterly exhausted student would be scarier than any ghost out there!

Real life costumes scarier than any Halloween costume

Graduate student job seeker

Finding a job is never easy and for a graduate student looking for one, it is a nightmare. They spend hours and hours searching for job applications and then applying for jobs, making them extremely sensitive and absolutely exhausted. You can tell them apart because they have a scary look to them, they’re all over campus – older looking students, dressed in mismatched clothes, constantly frowning, textbooks in one hand, cup of coffee in the other. They wake up searching for jobs, travel to uni searching for jobs, they’re in classes searching for jobs and even on the toilet searching for job. The nightmarish routine is horrifying.

The ‘snake’ in group projects

This costume is one that everyone would be scared of and detest. A ‘snake’ is someone in your group assignment that either:

  1. Overtly doesn’t do their work,
  2. Promises you they will do their part but in the end, does not,
  3. Gives you a piece of work that is absolute crap and then ‘seen zones’ you, or
  4. All the above

A ‘must’ in every group task and one that would definitely scare fellow trick-or-treaters off during Halloween. This costume comes in every form! From that quiet girl sitting in the corner to the boisterous boy who says “leave it to me, I’ll upload it by tomorrow at most!”. Beware of any ‘snakes’ during Halloween as there may be one right next to you!

Real life costumes scarier than any Halloween costume



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