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Psyched: Celebrate With Yourself

Psyched: Celebrate With Yourself

We can all agree that time is going way too fast for any one of us to keep track of it anymore. It seems like only yesterday that we were doing arts and craft in primary school preparing for Christmas, or getting our learners licence. Those were good times.  Looking back on all those memories as an adult, and yes we are technically all adults now (some certainly more so than others), seems like moments of pure happiness and enjoyment are now scarce. Back then, there was always something to look forward to, something to celebrate.

Think about the last time you celebrated something, whether that be a small victory of winning a board game or crossing off everything on your to-do list. How did you feel? More importantly, what did you do?

Celebrating, whether that be at a grand scale or by yourself all curled up in bed with your favourite movie/book is very important. It is so important to celebrate.

Why is celebrating so important?

  • Lifts your mood
  • Provides you with a sense of fulfilment
  • Boosts your wellbeing
  • Pumps up your positive emotions (helps you manage daily challenges that cause stress)
  • Increases your motivation and ensures you’re more likely to reach your goals

There are many calendar celebrations that we celebrate, the big ones that make us feel fantastic. You know the ones I’m talking about: New Years, Easter, Christmas, Australia Day, Boxing Day, Valentine’s day, and the list goes on. But those celebrations are different. They are somewhat communal celebrations by nature. Although these celebrations are fun and much needed to escape daily life struggles, it is important to also celebrate small events and personal accomplishments on a smaller scale, with yourself or with a few people you love.

Ways to celebrate on a smaller scale

  • Buy that Ice-cream/chocolate/drink and enjoy it
  • Get dressed up! You deserve to be fancy (it will lift your mood!)
  • Do something that makes YOU happy
  • Buy yourself some flowers, a new candle, a piece of room décor, or some new warm socks!
  • Read!
  • Give yourself a nice long hot shower or bath
  • Do absolutely nothing
  • Binge watch a TV show for a whole day while eating your favourite foods

Life is too short to be stuck in a constant hamster wheel, chasing goals after goals after goals. You need to let loose once in a while and give yourself a break. So go out there and treat yo self!



About Srestha Mazumder

Srestha Mazumder

A coffee and cupcake enthusiast who dreams of being a published writer, but is currently stuck in her final year studying psychology. A little too obsessed with planning and colour coding every element of life and is waiting for the day I can send my manuscript to Penguin publishers.

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