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Procrastination And Motivation Are Synonyms

Procrastination And Motivation Are Synonyms

It’s Week 13, time to get some solid work done!

Time to sit down, power up that laptop, get a fresh new document opened annnndddd……is that hunger I feel? It’s been three hours since lunch and the six snacks you’ve had since then have long worn off.

You should go get yourself food. It’s the logical thing to do.

Just as you rise from your seat, with a sigh of relief, it hits you! Like an assignment deadline you forgot about until the night before the due date!

Your life flashes before your eyes.

You will get up to get snacks. You will spend 15 minutes deciding what snacks to get. You will convince yourself that you aren’t hungry. Then you will realise you are hungry. You go back to scrolling through menu log, then ubereats, then restaurants nearby. You will then check your bank balance and realise you’re going to have to fend for yourself. You will crack open those two minute noodles (because that’s all you really have). You will sit down to eat it with a solid 20 minute Netflix session that stretches to 2 hours and 20 minutes and by the time you’re done with that, it’ll be time for dinner.

You sit yourself back down. Not today Satan.

Today will be the day that you get your work done.

Today is the day you discipline yourself.

The day you truly prove yourself to be productive. Efficient. Industrious.

The day you make your parents proud and become the family jewel.

The day you live up to all that potential you’re sure you have deep deep deep deep down inside.

This is it! This is the motivation you needed! You are inspiring! You are a bird in flight! You have reached your peak!

You look at the clock, that motivational outburst took an hour and a half but you have new purpose, all is right in the world!

You power that laptop up again, you title your document, you make your cover page, you – dinner time already! And you’re starving, what a happy coincidence!

Flip that laptop shut. Tomorrow is another day!



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Amandi Fernando
When not laughing at her own jokes Amandi enjoys judging other people's instagram captions and coles runs

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