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Pregnant At Uni: Making It Work

Pregnant At Uni: Making It Work

UNSW students are fun, inventive, energetic, and passively aggressively competitive towards USYD kids. In addition to this, a rare few are also pregnant. Along with a backpack full of laptops and text books, some also carry a tiny human. For those, the Basser steps have a special meaning and trips to the library feel comparable with Frodo’s journey to Mount Doom.

Here’s a compilation of tips and tricks that will help you navigate campus with your new passenger on board.


Catching public transport to university does not need to be a test of your antenatal endurance. If you catch the 891 the helpful State Transit Authorities will, in a gallant fashion, invite you to the front of the line so that time spent on your swollen ankles is minimised and you’re guaranteed a seat. It may feel a little awkward at first, cruising past all the restlessly waiting students, but try to push through. You deserve this. Bus privileges are more than a reasonable payoff for the morning sickness we all went through.

Getting around Campus

It can be a little embarrassing when climbing a flight of stairs requires rest breaks. Take comfort though even previously fitness obsessed women such as myself encounter this conundrum. Remember your heart is working 20% harder than usual just standing still. Words to the wise though, even a small heel on your shoe will make getting around campus massively more difficult due to lower back pain. Stick to wearing flats. Besides comfortable footwear get to know your ramps and lifts. Our campus is wheelchair accessible, so it sure must be pregnancy accessible too.


Due dates, we have them for our assignments and we have them for our baby. If your baby is due before the end of semester try getting all your assignments done before hand. This may mean handing them in before they’re due. If you’re struggling to do this, chat to one of the friendly lawyers at Arc Legal & Advocacy. Arc members can get free advice, so you might as well…milk them benefits.. Be sure to let your lecturer know what’s going on. You’d be surprised how conspicuous your bump seems to other people.


Last but not least, if you will be continuing your studies after the date of your babies arrival be sure to check out the childcare centres on campus at UNSW. There is a waiting list, so it’s best to enrol your child before they have even been born to be sure of getting a place. However UNSW students do have an advantage over other locals, so it’s not all bad news. If you’re not already sold on the idea of bringing baby to uni, check out the UNSW onesies. So adorable they’ll melt your face.



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