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Movie Review: Power Rangers

Movie Review: Power Rangers

Power Rangers was is the embodiment of my childhood.

Power Rangers follows five teenagers forced to become superheroes after discovering large, ancient looking coins in an old gold mine. Naturally, each character has their own problems to take care of. Jason pulled a prank that got him kicked out of the football team. Kimberley was ousted from the cheer-leading squad, and Billy is awkward enough to get bullied at school.

Becoming a superhero isn’t news to us in 2017. It seems like half a dozen movies each year have something to do with saving the universe, superheroes, and of course super villains dueling with the superheroes in the ultimate fight scene.

Power Rangers is much more than a superhero movie.

Dean Israelite’s film puts our heroes at the centre, from start to finish. We care about these characters, who have been through so much, and who are now thrust into a problem much larger than their own self-interests and forced to band together. Our rangers don’t start out as friends, but they have to become family to save the world.

What is a Power Rangers film without the action? For any fan of the series, your heart will thump at the thought of seeing your favourite colours of red, blue, yellow, pink and black in a flurry on screen. Unlike Transformers, Dean Israelite never forgets that action is meaningless without heart and characters we as the audience care about. When we get to every action scene, we know why we are here and how to feel.

Power Rangers blends camp, heart and action for a superhero teenage film that rises above many that have come before it. Let’s just hope the Box Office reflects just how great Power Rangers is.



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