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Pop Stars: Where Are They Now?

Pop Stars: Where Are They Now?

There’ve been some incredibly famous and successful pop stars throughout our time, but a lot of them tend to seemingly disappear off the face of the earth. We did a little digging to find out what these pop stars end up doing after their time in the limelight.

Vanessa Carlton

I’m sure Vanessa Carlton wasn’t talking about her own future when she wrote the hit song “A Thousand Miles” dubbed by Billboard as “one of the most enduring songs of the millennium”, but it sure feels like she is a thousand miles away from our memory. Carlton became a low-key Hollywood casualty early on during her success, drowning herself in vodka and cocaine, to cope with fame and family issues. A few albums were released here and there, but none were able to top the catchy White Chicks tune. She also journeyed to the Arctic Circle with a few musicians to study climate change back in 2008 before settling down with her husband in 2013 and giving birth to her daughter in 2015. The last time we all saw/heard Carlton was during her Liberman tour back in 2015, so we know that she’s not really a thousand miles away.


You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of “Party Rock Anthem”. Redfoo and Skyblu, an nephew/uncle combo dominated the world back in 2011, but called it quits after their half-time Super Bowl performance with Madonna back in 2012. Since then, Redfoo has been getting somewhere, especially right here as a judge on The X-Factor Australia and tracks like “Let’s Get Ridiculous” reaching No.1 on the ARIA chart. Skyblu on the other hand… let’s just say he is MIA.

Michelle Branch

Before T-Swift, Michelle was the 00’s darling with huge hits like “Everywhere” and “The Game of Love”. As her songs slowly fizzled out of the spotlight, she edged into the culinary field, co-hosting the culinary video website “Cook Taste Eat”, alongside chefs Michael Chiarello and Timothy Feiress. In her spare time, she takes on the role of a mother, chicken farmer, and a singer/songwriter, though her new tracks released in 2011 didn’t work out so great, nor her attempt to produce tracks as band either.


This chubby K-Pop rapper sure made a name for himself with his horse riding dance moves. He also earned $55 million in the Western market and piqued UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon’s interest to work with him because of his “unlimited global reach”, but his dance moves will forever be remembered. Once audiences started getting sick of hearing “Oppa Gangnam Style”, PSY went on to be South Korea’s tourism ambassador. That doesn’t stop there though; Asiana Airlines also requested he be the face of their company in 2013. Things then spiralled downwards as he battled with his alcoholic behaviour and depression. He knew nothing could top “Gangnam Style” and needed some time off to find himself. Preach PSY, Preach.

Owl City

It was insomnia that allowed Adam Young to write “Fireflies” and “Good Time”, and I don’t know if he finally ran out of ideas before bed time, or if he can now finally fall asleep because Adam sure hasn’t been writing anymore successful songs. To make matters worse, an Alabama-based singer and songwriter sued him, claiming his one-hit wonder “Good Time”, violated copyright laws. He released an album in 2015 called Mobile Orchestra with raving negative reviews and failed to make a comeback.




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