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Podcast Review: Sawbones

Podcast Review: Sawbones

If you’re looking to learn about medical history there’s a plethora of things to choose from. You can read a book, watch a documentary, even study it as part of your degree. But are any of these contain a wholesome couple who do silly bits and ridiculous accents? I doubt it!

Sawbones is a “Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine” hosted by Dr Sydnee McElroy, and husband Justin McElroy (of ‘My Brother, My Brother and Me’ fame). Armed with her medical background, Sydnee provides you with the facts. Justin acts as the eager everyman, there to ask the questions for you, the lay listener. Every week, the pair goof off on a different topic, charting origins and evolution through history. Of course, this history usually contains some wonderful blunders, scary malpractice, and straight up make-believe ‘facts.’

The topics themselves, are usuall something specific (mercury, urine, etc.), or occasionally a general concept (contraception, weight-loss, etc.). As a result, the pair almost always find that there appears to be a miraculous cure-all! We as listeners quickly learn from the pair’s mantra;

“Cure-alls cure nothing”

Although episodes can sometimes be a bit gruesome or sex-related, Sawbones is overall a family-friendly and immensely enjoyable podcast. At roughly 30 minutes an episode, it is perfect for the daily commute.

Best of all, the chemistry between the hosts absolutely makes the show. Their cute gags and casual atmosphere ensures the juicy facts discussed are absorbed by your brain.

Eight out of ten doctors agree that Sawbones is guaranteed to cure your boredom!



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