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Pimple Popping Videos: Are they Satisfying?

Are Pimple Popping Videos Satisfying?

We all know that we shouldn’t pop our pimples. We’ve been warned of infections and unwanted, long lasting scars.

But, no one has condemned watching other people popping their pimples. There’s just something so satisfying about watching others pop their pimples, almost as satisfying as a warm cup of coffee in the morning or getting housework done. Gone are the days of cat videos, say hello to an abundance of  pimple popping videos are a great way to procrastinate or satisfy your obsession if you’re a “popaholic”.

So, what do we see in a pimple popping video? Well, thanks to the hundreds, thousands, dare I say millions of popaholics, the popping is not merely limited to pimples. There’s a huge collection of popping various bodily ‘imperfections’ including zits, cysts, sneaky blackheads and more, sometimes even complete with explosions of pus.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of viewing such satisfaction, you should start off with the work of the Dr Pimple Popper, (aka Dr. Sandra Lee), the savvy YouTube Californian dermatologist who takes pimple popping videos to a whole new and funky level. You’re sure to gasp as you watch her gloved fingers or professional tools pop them pimples, ranging from small to grapefruit sized. Pus oozing out from a pimple may be gross but it’s also what makes it so appealing. It satisfies our desire to pop our own pimples without having to deal with any of the negative consequences.

So, is it satisfying? Like most things, this is awfully subjective and dependent on a person. Drawing on vanity metrics, with millions of views on pimple popping videos and the fame of Dr Pimple Popper, they do seem to lean towards the extremely satisfying side. To some these videos are the epitome of grossness. To others, these videos are therapeutic, freeing one from the need to pop their own pimples. Regardless, the popularity  of pimple popping has surged, and while they don’t necessarily taste as good as a steaming cup of coffee, they sure are satisfying.



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