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The Addams Family

NUTS Presents: The Addams Family

They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They’re altogether ooky,
The Addams Family.

This week, the NSW Uni Theatrical Society (NUTS) present their rendition of The Addams Family Musical.

Continuing the plot of the beloved TV and movie franchise, The Addams Family is a comedy musical that explores difference with a signature Addams twist.

“It’s a family that people are very familiar with so it certainly brings a sense of nostalgia,” said director, Carly Fisher.

“We picked it because it brings a whole different level of nostalgia to the NUTS stage,” she said. “It’s a new show to most people but it has enough of a history to attract a wider audience.”

True to the inclusivity of UNSW, Carly also credits the show as a great opportunity for cast involvement.

“Our cast totals 20 people and it has 10 lead [roles] within that,” Carly said. “In terms of student development it was the best we could find.”

This huge undertaking has been the project of NUTS’ student and alumni members, for the last six months.

“We were lucky to have the time to let the characters sink in,” Carly said.

The Addams Family Cast

This week, cast and crew will bring to life characters that pay homage to the many different versions that know and love.

A variation from other recent NUTS productions, The Addams Family will showcase seven dance numbers, including an all-new tap number.

“We’re excited to finally bring back to the NUTS stage a lot of dance,” Carly said. “We have everything from a tap number to a tango to a lyrical piece with floor work. We’ve got huge variety of style.”

Despite the comedy, song and dance, Carly states that the musical still shares an important message, “We are trying to highlight through this production that difference is normal and difference is accepted and we appreciate difference.”

“The Addams’ speak the same universal language we all do. It’s all about love and loving your family and loving each other.”


The Addams Family is in theatres from 17 -19 August, at UNSW’s Science Theatre. Check out the Facebook event, and buy tickets now.



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