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UNSW and the mystery of the FINS1612 papers

The Mystery Behind The FINS1612 Papers

It’s the news that almost every student dreams of hearing, “Your exam papers have gone missing”.

It’s the unearthly fantasy that lives in the buried unconscious of students and haunts them the night before any exam. But you know what they say, “be careful what you wish for” because those dreams can turn out to be your worst nightmare.

UNSW students experienced this same horror this October when the FINS1612 quiz papers mysteriously disappeared into thin air. Some students were left rejoicing, while others wondered what this would mean for their overall course mark.

Allegedly, the quiz papers that were ‘definitely’ sent to the marking centre, simply never turned up. According to university authorities, there were no trace of them anywhere and no one seemed to have a clue on what may have had happened to them. It sounded too good to be true.

Was this just some technical error? Had the papers entered some kind of Bermuda triangle during the posting process? Or was some mysterious bandit behind all of this?

Perhaps some sleep deprived, two-minute noodle fuelled student decided they had simply had enough and made it their mission to make those papers disappear into the night. But one thing was sure, a scheme this grand was not a beginner’s job. Would they strike again? and if so, what course would be targeted next?

It wasn’t long before UNSW students began digging into these possibilities, wondering who this person might be and whether to consider them a hero or a villain when another sudden discovery was made: the once missing papers were found!

Is it possible that maybe our vigilante regretted the decision of getting rid of the evidence once it was announced that the final exam would weight an insane 75%? Or were they simply playing a cat and mouse game with the course convenor? Either way, everything is back to normal at UNSW now and the magic that surrounded those papers is long gone leaving students with mixed feelings about the whole saga.


Many questions still remain unanswered, but the legend of the FINS1612 quiz papers will live on through UNSW generations to come.



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