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Play Review: Company, MTS

Musical Review: Company, MTS

Company is a wonderful play that I would recommend wholeheartedly to anyone on a student budget and keen for a fun night out/wants to brag to their friends about how cultured they are.  If you’re looking for a night out that is fun, entertaining, and wistful, this is the show for you! It centres around the crisis of Bobby, who is contemplating his unmarried state, while critiquing the horror of his friends marriages.

I like to think that there’s an almost Married At First Sight element to the play – Bobby’s friends are basically the couples in the show, if the option of separating was not available. Bobby, on the other hand, is more like a wannabe-Bachelor, searching for love with a tinge of desperation that makes you wonder who hurt him.

cry for the reliability as your heart breaks

Grab a single friend and cry along with Bobby’s heartbreak due to his inability to find love! For a play that centres on characters significantly older than most university students, the casts portrayal of the characters is impressive and highly convincing. Further, issues such as marriage and divorce transcend the trappings of age-fixated genres and is impressively overcome. The music adds an element of fun that will have you dancing along. The cast are amazing singers whose voices blend well together and transcend the confides of Studio One. The characters break into song at exactly the right time, with the incredible movements, achieving a perfect balance between narrative and musical entertainment.

It’s hard to believe such a sophisticated and quality production providing a great night of entertainment cost so little.



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