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MTV Awards 2017: Hail, Long Speeches, and Gender Neutral Awards

MTV Awards 2017: Hail, Long Speeches, and Gender Neutral Awards

Since the first award handed out in 1992, the MTV Movie and TV Awards have been around for the past 24 years. Staying fresh as ever, the awards definitely brought some interest this year.

Hail hits the red carpet

Tyler Posey on the soaked red carpet.

The awards started off swimmingly when a rain and hail storm attacked the MTV event within an hour of the red carpet opening.

The flooded situation might have shut down the red carpet, but it certainly didn’t stop the pre-show entertainment ‘All Time Low’, who took “the show must go on” to a whole new level.

Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, performing despite the hail.

And the best actor goes to …

MTV has always been one for innovative, if not controversial ideas, but its newest innovation – gender neutral awards, has definitely been widely supported.

The 2017 MTV awards saw Emma Watson of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and Millie Bobby Brown of ‘Stranger Things’ winning the first ever gender neutral awards.

Millie Bobby Brown holding her MTV Award for Best Actor in a Show.

In her acceptance speech, Watson praised this gender neutrality, stating that “[the award] says something about how we perceive the human experience”

Emma Watson, Back At It Again

Speaking of Watson’s acceptance speech, the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador used this opportunity to share her views on gender and feminism. While Watson made some good points, the lengthy spiel has been mocked for being too serious and leaving the audience bored.

At least Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine kept the crowd entertained with their medley of Beauty and the Beast.



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