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Movie Review: The Great Wall

Movie Review: The Great Wall

The Great Wall is a spectacular film, based on a legend and set in 15th century China starring Matt Damon.

As a Spanish mercenary, Damon along with his friend, (Games of Thrones star Pedro Pascal) embarks on an adventure seeking scared black powder. During their pursuit, a bizarre creature attacks them. The pair luckily escape and decide to keep the strange creature’s hand to use later as evidence. Not long after the attack, the pair encounter the monumental Great Wall,  the main setting of the film.

The Great Wall is heavily guarded by colour coded army units played by the many faces of Chinese cinema. The film highlights some talented characters including, Strategist Wang (portrayed by Andy Lau) who directs and coordinates the army and the female Commander Lin (portrayed by Jing Tian) who is prodigiously skilled in archery and sword fighting.

The presence of the army is eventually revealed – they were assigned by the Imperial Court to guard the wall against alien invasions, particularly the “Tao Tei”- a giant green lizard monster that invades every 60 years. The CGI and special effects used to create the monster are superb, and coupled with the suspenseful plot leading to a dramatic finale will leave you stunned and speechless.

The cast are fantastic, and their skill set extremely impressive. Almost reminiscent to Lord of the Rings, this is a film that you won’t forget. For an array of epic thrilling moments, The Great Wall is the go-to film if you need a break from your every day life.



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  1. Stunning Cinematography. Took my breath away with it’s beauty and the precision in the movements was outstanding. Never saw anything coordinated so well. They took a “legend” and brought it to life. Most legends have some truth to them, and many are metaphors for things that really did happen. She says it once in the film, did you catch it? The acting was believable, simply a superb movie all the way around.