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Movie Review: Personal Shopper

Movie Review: Personal Shopper

Remember in high school, how as a reward for good behaviour towards the end of term, you’d get to watch a movie slightly related to the subject? Yeah, that was me in French class. Madame would play a French arthouse film to say “merci” for conjugating our verbs. Well, I hated those pretentious French films that mostly showed scenery and had limited dialogue.

So, I must profess that I walked out 30 minutes into Personal Shopper, which was a film made and produced in France.

Don’t get me wrong – if you like panning shots of scenery whilst silence unfolds, then Personal Shopper is for you.

I, personally could not take the lingering shots of Kristen Stewart looking at clothes racks, looking thoughtfully into the distance etc etc.

But if films that are more visual rather than dialogue-driven are your thing, then you’d enjoy Personal Shopper… more than I did at least.

My ultimate, ruthlessly honest verdict? If you don’t like someone and want to ward them off on a second date, take them on a movie date to watch Personal Shopper.



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