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Movie Review: The Beatles 8 Days a Week, The Touring Years.

Movie Review: The Beatles 8 Days A Week, The Touring Years

Ah, the Beatles. One of the most historically iconic bands and a pop culture phenomenon of the 60’s.

Ron Howards new documentary “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring years,” takes us through the excitement of the Beatle’s journeys. From the mop tops to screaming girls, as well as their performance in the Shea stadium during their 1963 tour, this film highlights key nostalgic moments for those alive during the era of The Beatles.

Using a collective mix of vintage black and white clips, concert footage and press interviews, Ron Howard recounts the exhilarating mayhem of Beatlemania.

Snapshots with band members, and celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and Sigourney Weaver adds a new touch, as Howard incorporates the one on one style, endeavouring to appeal to a larger, younger audience.

The documentary relies heavily on familiarity, starting with the bands first interview on the Ed Sullivan show, to John Lennon’s notorious statement, deeming the Beatles, “bigger than Jesus.”

Recounting their expeditions against a political backdrop, the fresh clips with the stars discuss their unity and dynamics as a group, from Ringo Starrs early days of body language performance, to their refusal to perform in front of segregated communities in the south.

In discussing their frenzied relationship with the media, the Beatles claimed their role as being unselfconscious and humorous, and often wonder how other celebrities “did it alone”.

Being time honoured in its approach, the film speaks mostly to the converted. However, for true Beatle fans, this trip down memory lane makes for a fun, feel good watch.



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