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Motivation Blues

Motivation Blues

Motivation is the one thing we all seek on a constant basis throughout life. Motivation is defined as the desire to do things and as university students, it is deathly hard to find this desire to do things.

We all have these dreams and aspirations, and sometimes, we have a plan to achieve them too! But the key to getting all this done, is motivation, ironically also the one thing that we just can’t seem to muster up enough of.

For example, I really want to read more, so I try to motivate myself by ensuring I have the optimal reading ambiance. I light a candle, make a cup of coffee and turn on some string fairy lights. But you know what happens when it comes to actually reading the book? I open it, read a few lines and then nicely place it on the bedside table before opening up Netflix and snuggling into bed to watch the first of many episodes for the night.

Just like this analogy, many of you might be feeling a similar sort of lack of motivation to complete tasks or even study for the looming exams. I know I am. So here are a few ways to get motivated.

Find Inspiration

I notice that whenever I lack the motivation to study and do my assessments, I search up nice handwriting and try to copy it, or change my wallpaper to something that inspires me. Finding inspiration makes you excited and you will be more likely to want to do the task.

Post your goal or verbalise your goal

Doing this makes you accountable. If you have your goals written and stuck on your wall, you feel low key guilty for not doing it. Similarly, if your friends are aware of your goals, you might be more likely to do them because you don’t want to sheepishly explain to them that you never started at all let alone achieve the goal.

Reward yourself

But make sure that the reward is in the new future and something you can surely work towards and achieve. For example, if you plan to reward yourself by splurging on concert tickets after you get that distinction in that subject, you might just give up half way. The goal is too far away. A better idea is to reward yourself along the way. For example, for every 3 hours your study, you can watch one episode on Netflix, or eat 10 gummy bears (whatever takes you fancy). These smaller goals will help you stay consistent and reach the ultimate goal of splurging on tickets.


Finding motivation may be hard, but not impossible.


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Srestha Mazumder

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