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Ridiculous Money Saving Hacks that Work

Money Saving Hacks That Actually Work

Let’s face it. So many of us are destitute – in money, in spirit, in hopes and dreams. They say you’ll never get rich by saving up; we say a penny saved is a penny earned. On your marks, get set for mastering these brilliant money saving hacks!

Always buy second hand textbooks. If not, at least get them from the UNSW bookshop since they’re usually $2-3 cheaper than RRP. Your bargain life starts from here!

If you can’t stop buying three cups of double shot lattes or five Boosts every day to keep yourself energetic, grab one of their loyalty cards and reap the benefits. Being a member has it’s perks and getting free offers for every few drinks is always the wisest choice.

Network with those in the retail industry. Not only do you gain a bunch of new friends, but they may also share their discounts with you. This works incredibly well if you’re a big spender! Networking with them may also land you some sweet jobs, and jobs bring you money.

Plan your courses and timetable strategically to ensure you only come to uni twice a week. Public transport eats up your money, and if you drive, petrol has an even bigger appetite. Consider investing in a bike!

Instead of buying food on campus, sign up to every society and club that offers free food. They’ll work wonders for your social life while keeping your tummy happy. Unless, of course, there is a sign up fee.

Ridiculous Money Saving Hacks that Work

A few tips and tricks that have worked for me:

  • Collect the new $5 notes. Dem brand new looks and smooth texture make me wanna keep them forever.
  • Collect commemorative and/or shiny $1 and $2 coins. Nothing gold can stay, so stay gold, literally.
  • Convert everything into brand new $100 notes.
  • Seal up everything aforementioned and put them under books weighing 5 tons. Better off if you forget about them so they’ll come as a surprise when you accidentally discover them again.



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