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Love Keeps Dying On Us

Love Keeps Dying On Us

We’ve all seen the video compilations of celebrity couples that’ll make you “believe in love”.

We’ve also all seen the reactions and articles in response to the aforementioned couples’ announcement of their legal separation, deciding for us that “love is dead”.

If one were to count the number of times love died, love will probably die again while you’re counting.

It has come to the point when we can probably never really count the number of times love has flatlined. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Ben Affleck and a different Jennifer, (Garner this time), Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney, Beth and Jerry Smith and finally, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris (too soon?).

Each time love died. It resurrected. Only to die again.

The world is heartbroken and shellshocked……for a grand total of 24 hours and then we are reminded of our own lives and everything else that we could invest our emotion in.

The public glorification of the couple in question, along with a slew of public comments that they make about each other and their relationship, gives us all a false sense of exclusive knowledge and insight into the finer workings of their epic love story. Unbeknownst to us, their private lives remain self explanatorily private.

Just like we shouldn’t have counted on George Clooney to remain a bachelor, the understanding that these celebrities do not owe it to us to stay together should have sunk in by now.

Either way it doesn’t matter, there will always be another relationship we can turn to and if times get truly desperate, perhaps we may be able to find a relationship between people we know personally and learn to depend upon that (What would be the fun in that? An easier justification of your personal grief if that love too expires).

Sure Chris Pratt+Anna Faris=5evah didn’t last 5evah or even 4evah but atleast they made us happy while they were happy, and those compilation videos that made us “believe in love” can always be revisited.

This all proves one thing for certain, however many times love dies, we never really seem to let it rest in peace.



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