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Local Punter Doubles Down After Losing Two Weeks’ Pay At Pokies

Local Punter Doubles Down After Losing Two Weeks’ Pay At Pokies

A local punter has doubled down on his losses, convinced that his streak of bad luck will come to end and pay off on the next round of a burgeoning gambling addiction.

Daniel Jameson, 34, and a known regular at the Star Casino, was seen making his ninth trip to the conveniently placed and well-lit ATM by the bar.

Witnesses report that the consecutive losses were “… brutal to say the least…”, some even likening the declining events to “… a Kyrgios-like set drop off…”.

“He just kept asking to be hit,” comments Janelle Frasier, 27, marketing graduate. “‘Hit me… hit me… hit me’… It was like that scene in Cool Hand Luke where Paul Newman gets the piss kicked out of him. But he just kept on coming back.”

“Yeah, we’ve all been there, mate,” says Greg Hanson, 37, tradie, “Some weeks you’re up, some weeks you’re down. But you never hit on a hard seventeen. That’s just basics.”

Jameson was last seen ordering a rum and Coke at the bar, with his head in his hands, and twenty missed calls from his wife on his phone. Sources indicate he is set to return the following weekend.

“If you or anyone you know of has a gambling addiction, call the help hotline at 1800 858 858,” says Hanson, “Lines are open 24/7. But then again, so are the tables.”

“Hey, at least the Cross is closed and the people are safe. Right?” says Frasier.

Blitz has reached out to Jameson for a comment.


Written by Garry Lu



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