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Life's Happiest Moments

Life’s Little Happy Moments

In life, there is a tempestuous storm called university. Everyone is swept up by the gusty winds of assessments, dodging the pellets of rain called debt and drowning in caffeine (or something stronger) – but sometimes it’s important to remember the little things that happen that make us happy.

Nothing is better than having your friend, who never turns up to lectures, turn up. Yes, that’s right I’m looking at you (you know who you are). When you see their beautiful face at that 9 am lecture you secretly celebrate the fact that you can talk and fall asleep together.

Next, you walk out of the theatre hungry and sleepy-eyed but the lovely scent of food greets you. The best thing is it’s free. You get to smile while chewing on yummy food and still be able to pay your rent and bills on time. Join the ‘UNSW Free Food’ group to get notifications about the free food. You won’t regret it.

You’re now at at the base of the Basser steps looking down at your bloated tummy. You probably shouldn’t have grabbed that extra pizza slice. Oh well, what’s life without food? Step by step you conquer those mighty steps and you feel the burn in your calves. Now look at you – you’re at the top of those seemingly never-ending stairs. That’s your exercise done for the day and you didn’t even need a paramedic to save you. Congrats!

 Even though these things are small, they can brighten up your day. You may be sitting on that ship that is sinking into the depths of university, but hey at least you get to go down with a smile.



About Annie Zhai

Annie Zhai

Annie is a Commerce/ Media (PR & Advertising) student. She tries to survive uni without suffering an existential crisis.

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