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Life Lessons We Didn't Know We Needed

Life Lessons We Didn’t Know We Needed

TEDx Youth @Sydney brought together a wonderful concoction of inspiring, talented and all-round fantastic speakers who left us amazed, in fits of laughter and most importantly – ready to take on the world with these life lessons.

Never stop dreaming

Age is absolutely not a deal breaker for wisdom.

17-year-old Ivan Zelich, who has a math theorem named after him, believes that math should be taught as a journey and not as a set of equations. Rather than complying with societal teachings that “being wrong is bad” and “to accept rather than to question”we should pursue our passions and question everything.

Smash stereotypes not just avocados

Entrepreneur Nick Molnar coined the term “millemma”, describing the millennial dilemma and misconceptions he aims to crush. We may love our smashed avo on gluten-free multigrain bread (YUM!) but, we are also, contrary to common belief, a generation of motivated and innovative people. And there are statistics to back us up! So, with smashed avo in our bellies and spiced skimmed turmeric lattes in hand, we shouldn’t let the haters get us down and focus on leaving behind our legacy.

Never accept biases, fight the system

Yes, LGBTQIA rights, women’s rights, and racial equality have been perpetually shoved in your face. But, they wouldn’t be, if they weren’t huge issues. Both Afghanistan-born lawyer Mariam Veiszadeh and sex work advocate Tilly Lawless shared personal stories and proved that fighting for equality is an arduous but absolutely necessary task. #goals

Success is multi-dimensional

While running, flipping and tricking around the streets of Western Sydney’s Dauntless Movement Crew proved that youth are committed, hardworking and driven. Bilal Hafda from Bankstown Poetry Slam reminded us of the power of words and that there’s no one path to the top. Neither expression nor passion is singular and victory is yours for the taking if you set yourself to it.

The answer is usually right in front of you

Nural Cokcetin probably has the world’s sweetest job. As a honey researcher she shared the buzz among honey enthusiasts that honey could be the answer to fight our invisible war with germs. Sorry Beyoncé, but we might have a new Queen Bee. While many have decided on the convoluted route in prioritising chemical based medicines, we’ve overlooked the simple yet significant wonders of from bees. We forgot that not all answers have to be hard. We’ve got to stop finding complicated answers and start seeing the ones right in front of us.




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