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You Know You're A UNSW Student When...

You Know You’re A UNSW Student When…

Love ’em or hate ’em, no one can deny that these things are what makes UNSW truly #iconic.

The Basser Steps are part of your daily workout

UNSW really goes above and beyond when it comes to delivering World Classservices to students. Who needs to go to the gym when you can just climb up and down the Basser Steps every day? The 106 Basser steps will keep you in shape whether you want it or not… and yes that is a threat.

The Naked Lady is a totally acceptable place to meet

Everyone loves her, she’s just so mesmerising to watch laying there… naked. The Naked Lady lawn is by far one of the best spots to chill on campus. Whether you’re meeting friends, working, or crying about how much work you have to do, the naked lady will be there and help you fill the void in your heart.

Names like ‘The Whitehouse‘ and the ‘Blockhouse’ are part of your vocabulary

When you first heard of them you probably laughed or rolled your eyes and said: “how original”, but as time passed it became second nature and somehow common sense. A part of our universe would be incomplete if we didn’t name buildings by their obvious shape AND/OR colour. There’s just no better way to do it.

The words ‘Never Stand Still’ trigger you

The fact that the uni’s motto is printed on basically every surface, mail and publication, makes it hard to go through life without legit being #triggered every time you hear something similar. This one will most likely haunt us all until death, right after the word ‘belonging’ (or ‘discovery’ for the youngsters among us).

The wait time for the 891 is part of who you are

I’m sorry but we all know a UNSW post is not complete without a small rage about waiting for the 891. It’s just so essential to our daily livelihoods, and does anyone honestly remember a time before construction began all around campus? I, for one, welcome our new light rail overlords.



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