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Just UNSW Problems

Just UNSW Problems

We are all incredibly fortunate to attend one of Australia’s top universities. And, ranked in the top 50 universities in the world, UNSW provides its students with excellent facilities, teachers, and opportunities. However, students here will encounter problems that only UNSW students will understand.

The 891 Buses

You know how your parents repeatedly tell you not to date certain people? The 891 Buses are those people. They will without a doubt disappoint you a majority of the time. You will either be stood up because the buses decide to not arrive on time or be standing up on the bus and holding your project, hoping that the driver doesn’t suddenly brake. 85% of the time this bad boy will be the reason why you didn’t arrive at your tute on time.

The Basser Steps

When students tackle this walk they are usually left breathless. But not in the good kind of way. They are left with their burning lungs and aching calfs, which leads to them speaking in short, stilted and sometimes complete nonsense sentences when they arrive to class.

The Light Rail

Every student who catches the 891 or drives to UNSW has definitely looked at the light rail and shaken their head bitterly. The construction of the light rail tracks has caused all kinds of road closures and has significantly prolonged travel times. Often students will complain that they will graduate from UNSW before they get to experience the benefits of the light rail, which has led many of us to question whether the pain will be worth it in the end (we are struggling to appreciate the benefits it will provide for future students while we suffer).

Lack of Study Space

When assignments and exams start rolling in, study spaces on the UNSW Campus are quickly filled. Every student at some point in their studies has walked into the library, the Law Library or the Business School and witnessed the endless lines of students studying, or even worse- the empty tables covered by bags and food with their owners nowhere in sight.

5. Absence of Napping Areas

Just UNSW problems

We often procrastinate when it comes to assignments, leading to the inevitable library session at ungodly hours of the night. Then when we sit in class the following day, our eyes start closing and we desperately want to take that quick power nap. However, we aren’t provided many areas to nap. Yes, we can put our heads down on the study tables but sometimes there will be groups of friends talking which makes it hard. We don’t think this one is too much to ask for.



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