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Just In: Local Man’s Week Ruined After Awkward Retail Interaction

A local man’s day has been irrevocably ruined after a rather awkward retail interaction. The social blunder has been reported to be one for the ages, and experts predict the shame is not expected to subside until at least one whole week has passed.

Kyle Freeman, 22, is said to have entered the Bondi JB Hi-Fi to purchase the latest instalment of the Grand Theft Auto game series. Upon finding his desired product, Freeman then proceeded to the checkout, where witnesses say he was “thrown off” by the checkout attendant engaging with him in conversation.

“It was a down right mess,” comments Margaret Peters, 37, Mother of two. “He didn’t know whether to make eye contact or not, he kept laughing politely at everything she said. And that wasn’t even the worst part.”

As several key witnesses and CCTV footage would confirm, the worst had yet to come. As the transaction finished, and Freeman was still debating whether or not to make eye contact, another female was conversing about gaming, the checkout attendant reportedly said “have fun with the game,” to which Freeman replied “you too.”

We reached out to Freeman for a comment, “I don’t know what I was thinking, I mean… I think I was expecting her to say ‘have a nice day’, so I had ‘you too’ loaded in the chamber. Man… I was just off my game, you know?”

Many sources say Freeman is still “not quite over it,” but is expected to recover after his painfully awkward over-the-counter experience. Until, he’s fully recovered, we recommend Freeman and everyone else to stick to online shopping and stray away from the possibility of awkward interactions.

By Garry Lu



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