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Fucoid: Job Apps

Fucoid: Job Apps

Being an adult is #hardaf.

Filing your taxes will have you considering a finance major, and what’s a good deal on superannuation anyway?

Gone are the days of ‘pocket money,’ replaced by clean outfits, aspirin and filling out job apps.

Job applications are an endless maze of sounding upbeat while trying not to communicate the real reason you’re applying to bag groceries and work in retail – you’re desperate for dollar dollar bills.

To make it through uni with a job (and stay relatively sane) it is essential to find an employer who can do two things:

  1. Understand that you’re at uni and currently under the same amount of pressure it takes to turn coal into a diamond and
  2. Realise that you need all the shifts you can get.

When applying for a job or any graduate program, you are asked to write a cover letter or a letter about yourself.

In this letter they don’t actually want to know about you, your love for true crime and the My Favourite Murder podcast.

Even your ability to eat two times more than anyone else at Christmas dinner – a skill envied by many, isn’t what they’re looking for.

Instead, they want you to use buzz words like “inspired”, “teamwork”, “innovative,” and my favourite, “creative soul”, for a chance to be the next big shot.

Although these jobs may see you as just another cog in the wheel, at the end of the day they are the stepping stones to great things, big things, and will actually lead you to jobs that will endorse and love your “creative soul”.

So strap yourself in, take a deep breath, and go get that cash money.



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