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Interview: Antoni and Lucas,Tricking Society

Interview: Tricking Society

Meet Antoni and Lucas, two UNSW students who both share a passion for tricking. Unless you are new to UNSW, chances are you’ve seen them both flipping and flying all over the Quad lawn. 

What the hell is tricking?

I would probably describe it as an aesthetic blend of acrobatics and different types of martial arts. We’re a movement sport and we like to steal pieces from taekwondo, capoeira, wushu and then some stuff from gymnastics as well. We just put it all together into whatever looks good.

It’s a fairly free sport without strict rules. Within each skill, there are many variations  and styles that you can employ and everyone has a unique style. It’s most similar to parkour as it’s very stylistic and is just for show rather than practical use. It’s really a blend between an art and a sport.

What does the Tricking Society mean to you?

I think to all of us it acts as a great social environment. We tend to venture beyond uni and communicate with the tricking community beyond UNSW. There’s so much more than just exercising, we’re a community. There’s one big Facebook group with over 70,00 people. In the group, we all  posts clips of what we’ve been doing. It’s nice to see everyone’s skills, and it’s also great motivation.

The Tricking Society stood out among all the standard, degree based societies that existed to primarily help with networking and career progression. I never really participated in mainstream sports as I never found them interesting, but Tricking is a whole different story, where I want to improve my physical fitness.  The wider community is great and I’ve become friends with so many other people involved in tricking. The fact that there’s a huge social circle helps us push each other further.

Interview: Antoni and Lucas,Tricking Society

Tell me a bit about your experience with Tricking Society. How did you guys get involved in it?

I’d done a little bit of tricking before because I have a background in break-dancing. I ran into some of the guys in Tricking Society before they founded it in 2015, ended up helping them out during O-Week and got involved from there.

In O-Week 2016, I saw the Tricking Society doing their thing, and I’ve had a bit of history with that sort of movement sport, so that’s how I got involved.

What are the society’s plans for 2017, what are you going to do?

Well we’d like to get lots of people involved, and our real goal is to get more people coming along our regular classes. We want to show people that despite what they think, it’s not that hard to get into tricking. Some of us had experience but some of us didn’t and everyone has to start from somewhere.

We’re really trying to expand into the wider general university community. To do that, we’re trying to increase awareness and involvement by pushing marketing and publicity. 

Do you have any advice for people wanting to get involved and moving through a non-traditional type of physical activity like tricking?

Come and talk to us! If they want to get into tricking, honestly we’re pretty approachable.

Yeah, we’re not going to bite.

Come and say hi, we’re happy to talk to people. The internet is the such a big resource and it’s generally a pretty good place to start if you’re looking to learn about tricking.

You should condition your body. A lot of people go to the gym, they work out their big muscles but at the end of the day, those aren’t going to keep you alive, it’s the little stabilising muscles. There are actually really simple, really small exercises that you can do to target those muscles and if you do them regularly, then you can really develop the style of movement suited to tricking, rather than more conventional larger movements.

Interview: Antoni and Lucas,Tricking Society

Rapid Fire

What would be your favourite song to trick to?
Lucas: EDM. Galantis songs are pretty good There are many smaller EDM artists like Glitchhop which is more suitable for breaking. Anything to get you pumped out.

What is your favourite trick?
Antoni: My favourite trick is a rise which is a move from capoeira.
Lucas: A snapper-swipe which comes from taekwondo, what you would call a 540 kick with another full rotation on it.

What do you want the society to remember you for?
Lucas: 2016 was the year of inception where everything began and was a bit disorganised. We hope that 2017 is the year people remember  Tricksoc for really rooting themselves in uni culture. .

Tricksoc runs classes at Thursday afternoons, 4-5. Join their Facebook group if you’re keen to learn more and become a part of Tricking!



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