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Interview: No Frills Twins

Interview: No Frills Twins

Cheryl from Blitz spoke with Arna and Vanessa, the duo behind the No Frills Twins, about their eccentric fashion, new music and being part of a horror film. Watch the interview and read the transcript below.

Does your fashion style come to you naturally or do you actively look for pieces that are particularly different?

Arna: Every chance we get, we pop into the op shops and see what they have and pick up lots of different pieces, constantly adding to our wardrobes.

Vanessa: Yeah, sometimes the pieces that we buy are pretty generic but once you piece them altogether you can create something that is cool and quirky. Colourful.

A: Yeah, it’s what you do with the piece.

V: I totally agree, it’s what you do with what you have.

What is the most memorable item of clothing or accessory you have ever owned?

A: For our Year 12 formal, otherwise known as prom, we wore these very tight latex dresses with like skeletons on it. Mine was gold and black and yours was –

V: Purple and green which are my two favourite colours.

A: And all the other girls were pretty with like their curled hair.

V: Yeah and we were like full goth in these weird latex dresses. They were very difficult to put on but very much worth it.

A: We wanted to go out with a bang. As our last moments of school life.

Winter ???

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For your new single ‘Love Me Tender’, you’ve put out a great music video for it – locally filmed – where does your inspiration for music videos come from?

V: I don’t think we can think of any specific thing where our ideas come from. We just love to utilise what we have in our community, our local community.

A: It’s what we’ve always done, it’s why we call ourselves ‘No Frills’ it’s kind of working with what you are blessed to have. Growing up we didn’t really have a lot and that’s why we kind of had to do the op shopping and do the no frills thing. But ‘Love Me Tender’ was filmed locally like all of our other videos. We could’ve travelled and filmed it elsewhere now that we have a label but we wanted to kind of stay true to our roots and use the space that we live and maybe perhaps we see the beauty and the art and stuff in the rough surroundings.

You recently finished filming your roles for the feature film ‘The School’, earlier this year. What was it like acting and filming, and what was your experience playing a role 10 years younger than you actually are?

A: I remember people were constantly complimenting us on how creepy we were and we were like oh we’re not even in character yet.

V: Yeah, it was just a really great experience. Wasn’t stressful at all, it was just a really great time. Met some really cool people that we’re staying in contact with.

A: Yeah, the makeup artist on-set of the horror film is also a performer, and she has her own and she did our make up for the Sheppard concert in Brisbane. And she gave us some really amazing stage guidance and stuff before we went on. Just taking part in that film, we made so many good connections and a lot of great friendships.

V: And we’ve always wanted to know what it’s like behind the scenes of a scary movie because when you watch it you’re just like “Oh my god, ah!” But to be actually there when it’s being made, it’s not scary at all. It’s actually really funny.

A: It was filmed in an old mental asylum so I definitely feel like there’s a lot of history and maybe some spirits still felt a little bit alive. We did sneak up into some areas we weren’t really allowed to go to.

V: That were out of bounds.



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