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Interview: KPOP Society

Interview: KPOP Society

Blitz had a chat to Leon and Yuki from the KPOP Society about their love for all things “K”, dance workshops, and more!

What is the KPOP society, and what does the society do?

Leon: The KPOP society was founded in 2011 and basically it was a club for people that liked KPOP. It was a club where people could share their interests. We are not a faculty society so we actually pride ourselves in being different! We believe in the “Running Man” style of fun – more activity based fun and games.

Yuki: It is a society for University students – not only UNSW students to join and participate in KPOP related events, have fun and meet new people. We also have a kick-off party and our annual camp which happens during the mid-semester break. This year we sold out in 40 minutes!

Tell us about your experience in the KPOP society. How did you discover the society and how did you get involved?

Leon: I was actually roommates with the founder of the society! We went to school together, and then during university he founded the society and was President in 2013. During 2015 I became more active in the society, then in 2016 I became the events coordinator and this year I am somehow the President.

Yuki: I’ve always known about KPOP . I joined the society last year as a first year student. I decided I wanted to become more involved, so I became a part of the Marketing team. Marketing includes collaborating with companies such as “SBS PopAsia” and “HelloAsia”. Also, if our dance crews want to perform at any festivals or events, I am the point of contact.

Are there any misconceptions about KPOP and the KPOP society that you’d like to clear up?

Yuki: I did think that it was a very Koreaboo kind of society where everyone would gather and gush over idols. However, most of the time it’s about having fun together and making friends!

Leon: A lot of people think that KPOP is effeminate. But whenever I show them music videos or the dance covers on our Youtube channel, they always change their minds! Some groups, especially boy groups dance and you just go ‘wow’, so that’s a really big misconception. Also, we are not just a society that always focuses on KPOP. We do all things “K”. We listen to other genres of Korean music, watch K-dramas and movies as well as enjoy Korean foods!

Your society does a lot of dance covers, how did that come about? What is your favourite dance cover that the KPOP society has done?

Leon: The dance covers started last year and David (dance and creative director) started with wanting to film music videos. Last year we had two dance crews – Monochrome and Spectrum.

Yuki: Yeah, so Monochrome does the boy group covers and Spectrum does the girl group covers. Prismatic is the members from both groups combining to do covers together.

Leon: So, this year we actually have a new crew coming out! We won’t say much about it, but please keep an eye out for it!

Yuki: I liked the cover of “Eternity” – VIXX, that Monochrome did. I really liked the original song and dance and the group did a really good job!

Leon: I liked the cover of “Blood, Sweat & Tears” – BTS, that Prismatic did. It was really well shot, with the certain angles and scenery of the park. The group also personally bought costumes and rented the venue – that just proves the amount of passion and effort they put into the society!

Has the KPOP society planned anything for the GOT7 fan meet or BTS concert? What are your thoughts and feelings on these events?

Leon: So yeah of course we are happy! There might be some dance covers in the pipeline though we do have to check with David and Justin who do the dance covers.

Yuki: Regarding the actual events, we haven’t actually finalised anything. We are trying to do a giveaway possibly with tickets to the fan meet but again, nothing has been finalised. Also, we have already done a BTS dance workshop and we have a GOT7 dance workshop happening this week .

Rapid Fire

Top three KPOP songs/artists?
Leon: “Love Song” – Yellow Bench, “This Love” – Davichi, “200%” – Akdong Musician, MAMAMOO
Yuki: “Man in Love” – Infinite, “For you” – EXO, “Road” – B1A4, BTOB, ASTRO

Who is your ultimate bias and bias wrecker?
Leon: Moon Byul (MAMAMOO), G-DRAGON
Yuki: Gongchan (B1A4), Sanha (ASTRO)

Craziest thing that’s ever happened in the KPOP society?
Leon: The executive team itself is pretty crazy! Each of us have different quirks which adds to the craziness and makes it more fun.
Yuki: Our camp is going to be crazy! I am looking forward to it!
Leon: Last year during camp one guy talked in his sleep. At 2AM he said “Hi guys! My name is Howe and I’m a first year commerce student” when everyone was sleeping!



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