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Interview: Frenchy

Interview: Frenchy

Blitz chatted to Frenchy ahead of his surprise appearance at O-Week Comedy Night. Read the highlights and listen to the full interview below.

Before you were a comedian, your main job was teaching. Obviously you had to go to Uni for that, so what are three tips you would give to students to help them survive uni?

I barley survived Uni. P’s get degrees, pc’s get degrees too -that’s 45% for you guys that don’t know. Don’t book any classes in the mornings because you’ll be hung over. Oh, and Uni is a great place to use tinder!

If your comedy gigs didn’t work out, would you ever go back to teaching?

My teaching license actually got suspended due to the videos I make, so I’m not allowed to go back. If I did want to go back, I’d have to do a formal interview and probably delete a lot of my videos. So, I doubt I would go back to teaching at schools but I might teach life skills on the train stations.

In your videos you collaborate with the Roundabout Crew, Neel Kolhatkar, Josh Wade and others, who each have their own comedy set. Who’s your favourite comedian and why?

I like the roundabout crew, but I have to say that because I live with two of them. I used to live with all three but Tom got a girlfriend and he moved out. His move actually inspired my video, ‘Death of a mate’, where we had a funeral for a friend who got a girlfriend. So, I think I have to go with the roundabout crew by default. In terms of stand up I really like Jim Jefferies and Louis C.K.

Some would consider your material dark humour, are you ever worried about your content going too far?

My comedic material is very subjective. I agree it’s very dark, but that’s what makes me laugh. I honestly think society needs people who are a little politically incorrect provided they have a good point to their actions. I think that’s the reason Donald Trump got elected – everyone in society was becoming too politically correct so voters rebelled, and voted him in. You know what? He’s an idiot but at least he’s unfiltered.Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it was right to vote him in. I’m a bit sick of all these politicians because you don’t really know what they’re thinking when they say things. I do think comedy is a place where you can be a bit dark and either find your audience or get a lot of haters.


By Monica Bayas 



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