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Interview: B-Grade Society

Interview: B-Grade Society

You know those movies that are so bad they make you clutch your side in laughter when you’re meant to be screaming in fear? Well, there’s a society for that! Blitz sat down with Jack, the President of the B-Grade Society to learn more about the film equivalent of laughing at failed Pinterest projects. 

So what exactly is the B-Grade society?

The focus of it is to watch low-budget films.

“We like movies that are so bad they’re good.”

As a society, we also like alternative comedy – we do things like watch comedy shows and more out there things.

Speaking of movies that are so bad they’re good, what is it about bad movies that makes them enjoyable?

There’s the acting, the sets, the lack of money that’s been put into it. Sometimes there’s been too much money put into it, and they just do a bad job of it. The characters, the story, there’s lots of things that make bad movies enjoyable. The people creating these movies have huge aspirations to make a great film and it’s great to watch when they completely mess everything up.

What’s your favourite bad movie?

It’s got to be The Room. People have heard of Birdemic and Sharknado and things like that, there are loads of bad movies, but The Room takes the cake.

“The Room had a relatively large budget, at least a few million and managed to be so bad it was great!”

There were opening shots of San Francisco that cost half the budget, so you can imagine the rest of the movie. We do a screening of The Room once a year, because of how bad and yet so good it is. The director’s vision for it was so weird and bizarre and that makes it so enjoyable – a must see.

What do you think about B-Movies with a cult following, and the community that forms around them to make their own in-jokes and meta-commentary, like The Room and spoons, or The Rocky Horror Show?

Sometimes Sharknado, and similar movies are funny to watch but it doesn’t feel like they deserve a cult following, because in my opinion they just didn’t do that good of a job. The Room or The Rocky Horror Show, have a lot of different facets to it, and there’s a lot of jokes you can make about them because they’re so weird and interesting, warranting a cult following. Every year we go to Hayden Orpheum in Mosman to watch The Room, they hand out spoons, and we scream and shout out during the movie. Such an experience has become so big, it sold out in 2016!


Rapid Fire

What sounds more fun; baseball with a pool noodle, or basketball with a wicker basket as the ball?
Why not mix the two? So you have to hit a wicker basket with a pool noodle, while you’re in a pool.

If you had a time machine, in what time period would you leave a phone to mess with historians?
The Egyptians or something. Make a phone god, and have statues made in the shape of the phone or something.

If you had to describe yourself as a food, what food would it be?
I want to say kimchi, but I’d say mashed potato. Maybe mashed potato with kimchi in it.

What fruit sounds like it should be a country?



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