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Instant Noodles: Friend or Foe?

Instant Noodles: Friend or Foe?

Would you rather have a packet of Smith’s salted potato chips or a box of instant noodles when your assignment is due at 9 am the next day? You would want something warm, filling and refreshing to keep our stomachs happy, aka instant noodles, right?

It’s a simple recipe:  just tear the lid, pour in hot water, wait for a minute and Presto!

But, while instant noodles may be your best friend when it comes to an all-nighter, how bad can it get if you have too much?  A question that clearly deserves further investigation.

Pros and Cons

Pro: Long shelf life and excellent taste (with an additional helping of MSG).

Con: Highly processed, low on nutritive content, high in fat and laced with artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings.

Pro: Convenient, delicious, and cheap.

Con: Think again. According to a study done by the Harvard School of Public Health, consuming instant noodles can lead to an increased risk of metabolic syndrome. It’s also filled with unhealthy saturated fats and high in sodium. It could trigger obesity or even diabetes. Maybe it’s time to find another midnight snack…

Pro: The ingredients in instant noodles are normal and healthy, right?

Con: The typical ingredients include flour, salt, oil, oh and also a helping of MSG. Most instant noodles are made of “Maida” which is a type of bleached wheat flour. Although it gives our favourite food a great taste, it contains no nutrition whatsoever. If you’re looking for a snack to give you some sort of brainpower, look elsewhere. Maybe try an apple or orange.

Pro: Noodles don’t contain much more salt than a packet of chips.

Con: If you really believe that, words fail me. A recent study shows that an average packet of noodles contains 1668mg of sodium per serving. That’s the equivalent of two Big Macs and 8 packets of Smith’s salted potato chips. #salty

So, should you treat yo self?

After reading the facts, don’t be discouraged. You can still eat instant noodles BUT try looking for healthier options. Look for noodles that are made from whole grains with increased fibre content or throw in some veggies. Seriously, don’t overload yourself with MSG just for convenience sake. Moderation is key.




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