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Indonesian Night Markets 2017

Indonesian Night Markets 2017

The Indonesian Night Markets are on tomorrow night and it’s the closest you’ll get to immersing yourself in Indonesian culture without hopping on a plane and physically going there.

The Indonesian Students Association UNSW (also known as PPIA UNSW) is gearing up for their yearly event filled with  food, song, and cultural exploration. If you are still deciding whether or not you should vacate your Wednesday night (between 3-9pm specifically) this week, here are some things that can help make up your mind!

For returning participants, the uplifting atmosphere of a flooded UNSW Main Walkway and the reminiscent opportunity to travel down memory lane with a night of celebration is something well worth the attendance. For newcomers, a cultural experience is definitely something not to be missed. The Main Walkway will be covered with cultural exhibitions, live performances, and over 15 food stalls taking you on a journey through Indonesia.

This year’s theme, ‘Memoirs of a Voyager’, aims to provide you with a sense of adventure, encompassing sights, smells, sounds, and tastes to illustrate an adaptation of a voyager’s diary, travelling from Sabang, one end of Indonesia to Marauke, another. PPIA aim to present a captivating showcase reflecting the diverse nature of the Indonesian culture in the one night.

Live performances will display a mix of modern and traditional music and dance, proudly presented by various societies such as the UNSW Balinese Gamelan Society! Cultural exhibitions include Indonesia’s traditional games, books, paintings and more (you’ll have to attend to find out)! Whatever you come for, you will get a lot more than that. As Marketing Director, Valerie Thamrin says, “the most important thing is that you get a small taste of Indonesia! And no, we are not only talking literally, though Thamrin’s favourite, rendang or spicy beef curry and chicken satay can definitely be found on the night!”

With a history of successful runs over the past few years, attracting approximately four thousand students and community members, PPIA extends their invitation to everyone and anyone. Each year over a hundred volunteers come together from the Indonesian community and associations to help put on a truly spectacular night of celebration and immersion for all to enjoy!

If you’re keen on a cultural experience without forking out hundreds for an overseas trip, this is the event for you.


By Louise Fan



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