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Do Healing Crystals Work?

Healing Crystals are an alternative medicinal practice that claims to have healing powers. But do they actually have healing powers or are they simply colourful rocks?

As an enthusiast of all things New Age, I decided to take a crack at healing crystals to figure out if they can heal my heavy, dark soul. Over the course of a weekend, I did experiments on four different gemstones to see whether there’s actually some fairy dust in these bad boys.


Upon some googling, I found that Onyx is good for releasing negative and dark emotions. To see if it could remove the tar from my soul, I played an excruciatingly painful YouTube clip while holding the stone. You know the video where the first lyric of the chorus repeats over and over again? Weirdly enough, I pulled through and in fact enjoyed listening to it for the whole duration.


There are claims that Amethyst is great for relaxation and can even prevent you from getting drunk. Might be useful to carry with you at a session party. While the offer was tempting to go out and get hammered, I had a billion assignments to do so instead I placed it under my silk pillow and slept with it overnight. I actually had a crappy sleep but that may be because I had to wake up at 6am for an early morning start.

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is a protective crystal that helps keep your mind clear and give you proper concentration. I spent the weekend using it with all my might to study and although procrastination was tempting, I was able to get most of my work done. Totally bringing Tigers Eye to every class. It’s a godsend stone.


Turquoise is a stone that enhances your communication ability and encourages you to be honestly express yourself. As a socially awkward individual, this was totally what I needed all my life. So I brought it with me to a drama workshop where I was was forced to speak and be social in the room full of people.  The stone was somewhat helpful as I found myself engaging with all the people around and stepping out of my shell. Having the stone there really made all the difference, motivating me to just be myself.


After trying out these gems, I think that healing crystals are bomb diggity. I wouldn’t say that I’m utterly convinced of the healing ‘power’ of these crystals because I don’t think I spent enough time using them. But there’s something quite encouraging about having these stones with you when you feel you need some support – whether it’s in the form of self control to not binge on Netflix or relaxation throughout the stress uni can bring. Healing stones might be hocus pocus but hey it’s worth giving them a shot!



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