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Halloween Treats and Sinister Sweets

Halloween is almost here and we’re ready for some spooktacular fun. From finding the perfect costume to getting non-cliche decorations, a lot goes into making the night just right.

So whether you’re having a scary movie night in or throwing the best costume party ever, here are some sinister sweets to help spruce up your evening.

Graveyard Pudding Cups


A chocolate lover’s dream, these pudding cups are quick to put together and look spectacular. Try writing icing to help you perfect those tombstone cookies.

Tombstone cookies can also be used to make graveyard cupcakes, for a non-chilled dessert.

Jack-O-Lantern Jelly


Don’t fret, there’s no pumpkin carving involved. Just carve up some orange peel and fill it with lime jelly. Easy and awesome!

P.S. – Set the jelly before filling the peel.

Vampire Cocktail


You probably don’t want a bloody mess to kick off your night, but with this vampire cocktail everyone will be asking for more.

A grisly twist to a vodka raspberry, who wouldn’t ask for more?

Ghost Meringue Tartlets


Ghost Meringue Tartlets – pretty self explanatory. Serve Ghost Meringues on their own, or use them to top off a chocolate ganache tartlet.

Pipe three stacked blobs to make a nice ghostly shape.

Spider Cupcakes


Breaking out the arachnids is a classic feature of any halloween-themed event. For a cute creepy crawly go with an Oreo body and Pocky legs.

Halloween Cake-Pops

While these may not sound very spooky, you can never go wrong with cake-pops. While a little more time consuming, these delicious treats are just too good to pass up.

For those a little challenged in the cooking department, use marshmallows and coloured candy melts.

Ghoulish Bark


Simple and insanely cute. All you need is chocolate and some sprinkles to make this gorgeous ghastly bark.

Not to mention chocolate is the best cure after a night of terrors.

Who else is hungry?



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