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Halloween: America vs. Australia

Halloween: America vs. Australia

It is almost the end of October and that can only mean one thing, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. The skeleton war is on, Halloweentown is on repeat, and you can buy 10 bags of candy without anyone judging you! HALLOWEEN IS HEREEEEEE!!!

Let’s get spookin’ folks.

What’s better than dressing up as basically whatever you want and getting FREE CANDY FROM STRANGERS?! Nothing!

But, in Australia you’re probably only lucky enough to get some year old minties from your next door neighbour and some many weird stares. Halloween here is not as exciting as they make it out to be in American movies, so is it really worth the hype? I’ve had the honour of trick or treating in both countries and definitely know that one is not like the other.

In America, Halloween officially starts as soon as the leaves start falling, crunching leaves strewn across footpaths is a sign of times to come. Either that or the sound of girls squealing and  lining up for Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes. Whichever comes first.

In Australia, Halloween officially starts when a lone kid knocking on your door reminds you that it’s Halloween. And even that is quite rare. (Honestly, one year I bought candy and not a single kid came by. #allbymyself)

In America, you get full-sized chocolate bars and your bag will be full of goodies by the end of the night. In Australia, getting five pieces of candy regardless of the size and their expiry date is considered a good night.

In America, everyone (young or old) will go all out with their outfits and house decorations! In Australia, some fake blood will do for the last minute costume you need for the party you forgot your mate invited you to.

So, after all this does it mean that Halloween in Australia kinda sucks? Well, yeah… but does that mean that it shouldn’t be celebrated? Hell no!

Halloween is awesome regardless of the low national participation, and thankfully capitalism tries to make it a thing here regardless, so yes you can capitalise on all of the candy on sale. Find a party, chuck on some fake blood and treat yo’ self to some Halloween goodness.

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