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Get Off Your Butt and Get Motivated

It’s the last leg. You’re almost there, just one or two more weeks till you cross the finish line…

But….all you want to do is sleep and watch Netflix. You can’t seem to find the energy to start studying.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Here are a few tips to help you get off your butt and get motivated.


Start small, work your way up. It might be daunting starting that 3,000 word essay all in one go, so start small. Re-read the outline, make bullet points and draw a mindmap. Starting might help clear your mind and spark that studying vibe.

Turn down for…distractions

As tempting as it might be to post that dog filter snap or that oh so perfect flower crown selfie, and follow up by creeping your ex’s instagram…  don’t do it! It’s not helping you revise for those upcoming exams. Mute your phone, log off facebook, turn off those  snapchat notifications and prevent further distractions.

Stock up

Stock up on some stationery! Because who doesn’t love smiggle highlighters? Shopping for  scented markers is a delicious incentive, and can make those pages slightly more enticing. If you need some stationery and don’t want to spend any $$$ head to the Stationery Re-Use Centre for a whole new stationery spread.

Treat yo self

Head to The Whitehouse or Greenhouse for some delicious snack and a bevvy or two with friends, because you deserve it, after doing all that studying. Or loosen up and get your body moving and grooving at the End of Session Party.

A whole new world..

There is life after studying and exams! Make a list of all the things you’ll be doing after you’re done studying. Hello Netflix!

And finally…DIVE IN

Take action. Start writing that 3000 word essay. You can do it!



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