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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Game Review: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

When I hear the name “Tom Clancy”, my head turns and my pupils dilate. Honestly, the guy’s books were absolutely legendary, and it’s a shame he’s gone.

And when I hear the name “Ubisoft,” I usually ignore it and carry on. Ubisoft’s reputation as a game producer is not exactly stellar, and their use of “Tom Clancy” in game titles are somewhat reminiscent of a poorly settled divorce.

But, this game is something different. With a beautiful open world environment, players are always looking for more things to do and explore in picturesque Bolivia, giving the game a very “The Division” – esque feel to it.

With so many characters and an engaging storyline, gameplay feels diversified and dynamic, something missing in previous Ghost Recon titles.

On the topic of previous Ghost Recon titles, Wildlands is something completely different. Gone are the futuristic themes seen in Phantoms and Future Soldier, replaced by more contemporary outfits with less neon blue.

As for the gameplay itself, missions were bearable and co-operative gameplay with AI was interesting, to say the least.

There were times, not many, but there were times when AI teammates walked right in front of the enemy with no regard for cover at all.

Apart from that, having five doppelgängers follow you around and shoot at things is quite nice and helpful in accomplishing objectives.

Mechanics wise, Wildlands adopts a similar yet different approach to its previous incarnations. The stealth aspect still plays a main role in eliminating your enemies and the combination of frequent zooms through binoculars and drones in a non futuristic environment manages to work well.

Weapon customisation has always been a strong point in the Tom Clancy titles, and Wildlands continues to amaze, with a variety of scopes and attachments to stick on your gun.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is an amazing game. All of the Ghost Recon titles were great games, but their gameplay was lacklustre and unfulfilling. By combining an open world environment with the classic Tom Clancy feel, and dropping off the futuristic bullshit, Ubisoft has outdone itself with this one.



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