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Fun Thing We Used to Do As Kids

Fun Things We Used To Do As Kids

It’s October, and summer is around the corner. It’s another exciting season during which you’ll consider unlimited fun activities a top priority. Now in our twenties, we’re into beaching, binge drinking and occasionally (always) treatin ourselves. What were the fun things we did when we were younger, that were just as exciting, yet perhaps more long-lasting due to our very inquisitive little minds?

Scribble around using mum’s lipstick

Before we knew anything about makeup and how costly it is, lipsticks were just a toy pen. I remember, instead of doodling on my face, I used it as a crayon to draw a cartoon bride on my draft book. Deconstruction is every child’s patent, although I probably squandered a month’s worth of my dearest mother’s income.

Build in-door ‘houses’

With existing furniture, sheets, pillows and blankets, every one of us was an engineer. Also, a must-do when girlfriends came over. Add in your favourite fruit roll-ups, fairy bread, Barbie and BRATZ dolls, an under-the-blanket party was ready to go.

Fun Thing We Used to Do As Kids

Mix different sauces to create a new drink

This is the first thing every kid does to deal with leftover food. Grab a cup, add tomato sauce, cheddar, soup, pepper, salt, bits of food…absolutely everything available on the table. Tada, we’ve made a new potion. Give it a try, Dad.

Believe in Santa Claus

We’ve all been bamboozled by fairy tales such as The Polar Express and In Search of Santa. We’d hung up stockings near the fireplace and prepare cookies and milk in the living room. The next morning, we’d go berserk with glee, then wonder “how does Santa know I like Hot Wheels and Gundam?”

Fun Thing We Used to Do As Kids

The ‘KEEP OUT’ door sign

That was the only time we thought being alone in our little world was cool. Yet our parents didn’t buy it at all because they would still open our bedroom door without knocking.

Climb to the top of monkey bars

How were you a real monkey if you didn’t play monkey bars creatively?

Popping bubble wrap

Admit it, you still do that now. 




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