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Free Stuff at UNSW

Free Stuff at UNSW

Let’s be real, there is nothing everyone loves more than freebies. When you’re out in the real world, freebies are scarce, so make the most of your life as a student and capitalise on the sweet, sweet opportunity to grab as many freebies as you can.

O-Week, is bustling with bunches of free things, so grab an Arc membership bag and stuff it full of all the freebies you can find!

Freebies from Arc Street Team

Seriously, there’s a ton of free things that you can hustle from the Arc Street Team! When you’re feeling hangry they’ll show up with free nachos or popcorn to make your day. They host amazing weekly events from pop-up food stalls to goodie bag and stationery giveaways, setting you up for uni without having to spend a dime.

Free Movies

High School Musical, The Lion King, Pitch Perfect, you can watch all of these and get a healthy dose of nostalgia for free! Tell your mates and get your snacks ready because these ‘Pop Up Pictures,‘ at UNSW’s very own outdoor movie cinema, is totally worth pencilling in your diary.

Free O-Week Tours

The most crucial element of O-Week is a tour! Run by the yellow shirts, an O-Week tour will let you in on everything you need to know to navigate UNSW campus life: where the freebies are, where the cleanest toilets are and where the best napping places are!



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