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Food that is ExTra

Food That Is ExTra

Extra is using an umbrella when you’re wearing a raincoat. Extra is when you keep complaining about the bus line for the 891 when hello, whining about it will not make it go away. But most importantly, extra is something indigestible that Instagram somehow turns indelibly gorgeous. Here are some of the Internet’s most recent exTra food trends.

Rainbow cheese toasties

Admittedly, my first reaction to this was ooh, pretty. But then I thought, how much artificial food colouring am I eating here?

Food that is Extra
Credit: Instagram: @hkfoodieblogger

Unicorn toast

Luckily, toasties’ naturally dyed, cream cheese-using, pastel-coloured cousin is here. But do I really want to be seen eating some generic post-modernist painting that’s usually hung in display homes?

Food that is Extra
Credit: Instagram: @vibrantandpure

Cloud eggs

It really does look like a cloud. But why separate the whites to make the same egg you just destroyed when you can bake meringues or macarons?

Food that is Extra
Credit: Instagram: @kristifarinelli

WTF waffles

Other than asking why you are literally eating a kid’s birthday party, you also have to figure out where to start. The cake ’cause it’s at the top? The ice-cream before it melts? The waffle because – well because they’re called WTF waffles?

Food that is Extra
Credit: Instagram: @clintonhallny

Milkshakes topped with [insert exTra treat here]

You want an ice-cream cone with that milkshake? Maybe a Nutella doughnut? Sour snakes, licorice, a chocolate rim you can’t eat? Of course we just dump it on top. Get your own at Macquarie Centre’s The Vogue Cafe or Erskineville’s Foodcraft Espresso & Bakery.

Food that is Extra
Credit: Instagram: @thevoguecafemq

Sushi donuts

The concept’s simple. Rice and fish in the shape of a donut. The execution – imagine the whole thing just falling to pieces in your hands. Get your sticky fishy at the Sydney Fish Markets.

Food that is Extra
Credit: Facebook: Sydney Fish market

Charcoal ice-cream

Yes, charcoal is a health food now. No, we don’t want you to raid Art & Design’s charcoal supply. But why not satisfy your inner goth (and detox-needing body) by eating it on ice-cream?

Food that is Extra
Credit: Instagram: @little.damage



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