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Finding Your Way Through First Year

Finding Your Way Through First Year

Finding it difficult to adjust? Wondering how every other student has got the first week down to a T? Blitz is here to help you out, with a list of how to rectify common first year problems.

Problem #1: Trying to survive this uni thing

First up, course outlines are your bible – and so is Moodle. Jot down when your assessments are due on your planner. Constantly check Moodle for lecture slides and lecture recordings. More importantly, don’t forget to treat yo’self and you’ll nail this uni thing.

Problem #2: Being the only student from your high school going to UNSW

Rocking up solo doesn’t mean you’re going to be lonely forever and it means you get to start uni with no Beckys in sight.

Problem #3: Struggling to make friends

Chat to the person sitting next to you in tutes, that way you have a familiar face come lecture time. Attend your faculty-based society camp and join a club or volunteer with one of Arc’s programs, to socialise outside your degree. Who said uni was all about hitting the books?

Problem #4: Being judged based on your postcode

Don’t disguise or hide your postcode, own it. Being from Woop-Woop allows you to bring forward that suburban (or rural) perspective during tutes – something the city slickers lack.

Problem #5: Perfecting the study/internship/work/sleep/social life balance

Get out your planner and highlighters out and get organised! Keep an eye out on when the busy waves occur throughout semester (hint- typically mid-sem and end of sem), because with a little prioritising, balancing and time management, you won’t be on Struggle Street no more.



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