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FaceHalo, the Modern Make-Up Remover: Does It Work?

Whether you’re into a natural look or love some fancy flair, make up remover tends to be an essential. So essential, it becomes so easily forgotten. (Although honestly who doesn’t skip it sometimes when it feels like a bit too much effort?)

But where do all those chemical and soiled wipes and lotions end up? That’s where Australian invention, FaceHalo comes in. Promoting a reusable modern make up remover, FaceHalo claims to be a chemical-free, environmentally friendly alternative.


Relying on the mere power of water and microfibre tech, FaceHalo also claims to be more effective than normal make up wipes at removing dirt and make up from pores.

Backed by beauty vlogger Chloe Morello FaceHalo seems to be the dream, but does it really work?

Initial thoughts

Face Halo 1

The incredibly slim, minimalistic packaging is something like a miracle when so often faced with excessively unnecessary amounts of cardboard and plastic.

The FaceHalo itself is also actually incredibly soft and gentle on the skin.

Putting it to the test…

Face Halo 3

It works! The little circle actually removes make up with just a little bit of gentle pressure. For people with sensitive skin or prone to getting things in their eyes, this is amazing. No more tears, or at least no more excessive blinking out stray eyeliner and mascara.

It can also be used for washing your face at the sink without water running down your arm, and is alsogreat for removing mud masks.


While the product is generally effective, it is only effective using water, making it hard to remove waterproof make up and matte lipsticks. It also doesn’t completely eliminate that under-eye leftover mascara smudge that seems to eternally prevail.

Face Halo 4

While it may seem like a magical product, you can’t use it forever and you can feel the decrease in the soft cloud-like factor especially after after about a dozen washes, despite the fact that it promotes 200 washes per product. It can also be fairly difficult to wash out the make up residue from the FaceHalo – highly pigmented lipsticks in particular tend to need a couple washes to get out.


Like any product FaceHalo isn’t 100% perfect, it does the job and definitely feels better than slapping on a bunch of chemicals. Overall, it is a pretty great non-toxic, and eco-friendly alternative.

FaceHalo is currently based in the US and retails at $22USD + shipping, but will be coming to Australian shores soon.



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