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How To: Exercise Without Actually Exercising

How To: Exercise Without Actually Exercising

Being a uni student – exercise is a tough call. You’re either too broke to go to the gym, don’t have time to exercise or (if you’re like me) simply can’t be bothered. Here are some quick and easy tips on how to stay active without having to go for a 5k run every day.

Lean back in your seat while you study

Lean back and lift up your legs when you’re sitting to work out your abdominal muscles as you study. Great for those who want to look good AND maintain that HD average, get the best from both worlds by exercising your brain while also addressing your growing food baby.

Carry your textbooks in your arms

You’ve paid 20 McDonald meals’ worth of money for them, so why not use them to bulk up those biceps? Not only will you look smart while walking around campus, your arms will be super toned come end of semester. Complete the look with glasses so you get that complementary beauty/brains effect going.

Lift the weight of your group members

Instead of complaining about how you ended up in a group of slackers, take the chance to lift some weights when you’re left to do the entire group presentation by yourself. Feel like you’ve actually gone to the gym when you successfully lift more than your bodyweight’s worth of work.

Power walk around campus

Walk briskly instead of mindlessly wandering to your next class. Take advantage of UNSW’s stair-friendly design and shape your calves without having to hit the treadmill. Seriously, what else are you paying $6k+ a year for?

Run away from your assignments

Obviously this is a last resort, but it’s a failsafe way of working those mental legs when you exercise by procrastination. Ways to run away from your assignment include watching Netflix, eating ice-cream, or you know, actually going to the gym.



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