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Jordan Hare and Neil Triffett on EMO the Musical

EMO the Musical

‘EMO the Musical’… wait, what?

A satirical, comedy, musical, feature based on a short film by the same title, Neil Triffett’s ‘EMO the Musical’ certainly is of an unconventional nature. The Australian film stars a talented young cast, including Benson Jack Anthony of 800 Words as Ethan, and Jordan Hare of The Secret Daughter as Trinity.

In a Romeo and Juliet style, the film depicts the story of two star-crossed lovers – Ethan, of the emo clique and Trinity, a devout Christian. An unorthodox theme for a musical, Triffett, director and writer, states that they wanted to “trap an emo in a musical”. Triffett, cites his college experience of as inspiration for this enticing plot of a ‘forbidden’ emo versus the Christian high school relationship.

While there definitely is a strong element of satire, the film also aims to show that it is okay to not always be okay. The musical and comedy genres might suggest something entirely upbeat, but ‘EMO the Musical’ still addresses some serious issues, including the stereotypes that often surround homosexuality. Hare states that the film aims to show that “it’s okay to be sad”.

Despite these more somber topics, the music brings comedy and “adds a lightness” to the musical, according to Hare. With both rock and ‘hymn’ styled music, the film also utilises a different style of music to what would traditionally be associated with a musical. Hare’s favourite tunes include “Jesus was an Emo”, and “Rain on Me”.

Premiering at the 2016 International Film Festival in Melbourne and making an appearance at the ‘Berlinale’ international film festival, in Berlin, earlier this year, it has received much positive praise.

Despite the high tensions of the cast seeing the film in full on screen for the first time in Melbourne, Hare states that there definitely was a positive reaction.

Although the young cast certainly adds a layer of relatability to the film, the filming experience did not come without challenges. Triffett praises the incredible talent and professionalism in making the filming process run smoothly.

Furthermore, the incredibly short time between casting and filming, created immense time pressure for actors learning their scenes. Despite these hurdles, Hare credits the incredibly experienced and supportive cast and crew for making it all happen.

EMO the Musical is in cinemas now.

You can also stay up-to-date with EMO the Musical and even catch some live Q&A sessions on Facebook .



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